Discovering the relationships at the heart of biology to cure disease.

We are an end-to-end biotech developing transformational medicines, with technology at our core.

Our ambition is to understand human biology in an unprecedented way; discovering therapies that will treat some of life's most devastating diseases. We leverage single-cell multi-omics directly from patient tissue, functional assays and machine learning to drive at disease understanding — from cause to cure.

Our science

Medicines born from high-resolution biology, machine learning and clinical insights.

Our Lab-in-the-Loop seamlessly integrates single-cell analysis, genomics and machine learning. We have developed powerful technologies which we apply to select druggable targets and develop transformational medicines.

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Our team

Interdisciplinary collaboration.
Immense impact.

Relation is led by experienced drug developers, computational scientists and entrepreneurs with experience across biotech, pharma, venture and academic research. We have a hunger to transform drug development as we know it — because the patient is waiting.

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  1. Jan 2020

    Company founded by Charles Roberts, Benjamin Swerner and Jake Taylor-King

  2. Sept 2020

    Relation, Yoshua Bengio, Mila and Scripps Research awarded grant from Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

  3. Mar 2022

    Relation awarded access to NVIDIA's CAMBRIDGE-1, the UK's most powerful supercomputer, to power digital biology breakthroughs

  4. April 2022

    David Roblin moves from Non-Executive Director to CEO

  5. June 2022

    $25M raised led by DCVC and Magnetic

  6. Feb 2023

    Nobel laureate Sir Paul Nurse opens Relation Labs

  7. March 2023

    Relation announces osteoporosis as its first indication

  8. March 2024

    Relation announces $60M seed financing closure

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